“I was enjoying a session with Miss Gin recently and at the midpoint of the session Miss Gin was punishing my bottom severely with a nasty leather strap. The pain was just about at the edge of my limits. When there was a momentary break in the action, I turned my head and asked Miss Gin if she really enjoyed strapping me so harshly. Without missing a beat (ha!), Miss Gin responded: ‘Of course – I am a spanko’. That really says it all. As Miss Gin writes on her website, spanking is her “love, obsession and art”. Not only that, but she is proficient at all of the nuances of domestic discipline: she has perfected the degree of intensity and the duration of the application of all of her delightful implements. She also displays a mastery of the demeanor and conduct that make a session memorable. For example, she seems to know intuitively how deserving of punishment I am at each session and she not only tempers the physical punishment to suit what I deserve, but she applies her wonderfully malleable persona to fit the occasion. Sometimes she is playful; sometimes I am ordered straight to the corner to reflect on my misdeeds. Frequently, I am not even favored with a warmup over-the-knee spanking but rather subjected to a harsh caning right off the bat. On those occasions, after ten or twenty hard strokes of the cane, I want to give up, call off the session and run away, but I always stay, of course. After several more strokes of the cane, strap, paddle, wooden spoon or whatever, I surrender completely to Miss Gin and trust her implicitly to punish me to exactly the degree that I deserve. And she never fails to do so, plus a little bit extra. She is really incomparable at what she does.” – DA

“Gin is a true female disciplinarian located in the heart of San Francisco. Where sessions take place, is very safe and upscale, easily accessible for all. However, if one is looking for “BDSM” style play please go elsewhere. Gin is a true master of her craft, which is SPANKING. For a petite feminine woman she is very strong and can administer some serious discipline. All implements she uses are of the finest selection and she is skillful with them all. If you seek the discipline of a true master in the art of spanking, you have found it in Gin. This is from someone who sees her often for the therapeutic benefits her spanking session offers. The job I work is extremely stressful, so when I session with Gin I am able to tune away the outside world. This is because through her spanking, she can bring me to the point of breaking and keep me there in a trance like state. It is a truly amazing feeling spanking gives some, myself included. I would recommend no one better if a real spanking session with a world class female disciplinarian is what you seek. Flat out Gin is the best, and the most passionate about giving genuine spankings.” – JD

“Gin is a disciplinarian, as opposed to a dominatrix. What this means is that she spanks and dishes out corporal punishment in a domestic, as opposed to dungeon, environment. Don’t expect a full range of BDSM services — it’s not what she does, as her Web site is very clear in explaining. I highly recommend her to those into this niche. She is very skilled, and a true spanko. She stresses that she doesn’t act the part — this is who she is. And I believe her. I wanted a hard punishment spanking, but I also know that, if I can control the session, I tend to wimp out when the pain gets tough. I asked Gin in advance to insist on carrying out a real punishment, and she did just that. She took charge of the session with a calm but authoritative style. It was one of the hardest spankings I have taken for a few years, but I left with the mental fix I get from this type of thing when it is done right. I am sure she can also cater to those who want something lighter. Gin conducts sessions in a domestic environment in a very good part of San Francisco. She is generous with her time — she didn’t end our session when the set time had run, but continued until she felt the job was done. There are not that many professional disciplinarians in California. Many general-practice dominatrices offer domestic discipline as part of their menu of services. But as in other walks of life, specialists often do a better job than most generalists. This is one such instance.” – JG

“I went to see Miss Gin while on vacation in San Francisco. It was my first visit to a real disciplinarian. I was nervous at first but Miss Gin is so easy to talk to, she made me feel at home. When we got to business I soon found out how much of a spanking she can deliver. She is strict but also caring. I felt I could trust her to spank me really hard but not injure me or break my limits. The best thing about Miss Gin is that you can definitely tell that spanking is her passion which makes it that much better. I got to experience lots of her wonderful implements. My ass was sore for a couple of days after and I will certainly be coming back for more.” – M

“This was my first visit to a disciplinarian, and my first real spanking in a long time. I had fantasized about this for so long and had such high hopes, Gin had a lot to live up to. I can’t remember ever being so nervous but she got me to relax and she had obviously read and thought about the things I had told her as she worked them into the session. She really is a natural spanker, and can be strict in a calm, no-nonsense kind of way. She warmed me up with her hand and it surprised me, she can really spank with her hand! She has a great selection of implements and she spanked me long and hard, harder than I expected – it was amazing. I was really red and sore but she seemed to know my true limits. My favorite position was being over her knee, she has wonderful way of holding you firmly in place so you know you’re there ‘til she’s done. I love the way she warned me I would get extras if I didn’t stay still and then strapped me so hard that I couldn’t, and I advise you never to rub your bottom in front of Gin without permission. I walked away with a very sore bottom that was tender for a few days – exactly what I asked for. There have been other spanking adventures since that first magical one and I will definitely be going back again.” – S

“My experiences with Gin have been some of the most important of my life. She is clean, clear, intelligent, charming, calm, creative, sweet, respectful, reasonable…and strong! Her voice floats from soft to stern with a barely audible shift in tone – virtuosic. She is able to read the most subtle communication, and adjust accordingly. She knows when to push the line and when to slow down. She has the ability to, with one hand, deliver whatever you can handle (and probably more), and with the other hand simultaneously extend the gentlest most nurturing touch. Miss Gin is a unique super-talent who occupies her own arena – peerless. Her intentions are to help people and to have fun. With that as a foundation, along with her magnetic character, I cannot (and don’t want to) imagine seeing anyone else. Overall experience: A+,” – Mr. J

“Don’t let the sweet and innocent appearance and demeanor fool you, she will spank you and spank you well. Her techniques are varied and designed to your particular body and mind.  Implements or hands, she likes it all and will explore and push your boundaries or just let you stay in your comfortable zone – if that is what you like.  Either way your butt will be warm and you will be happy once she is done with you.” – G

“Dear Miss Gin, You really are an amazing woman: You were able to make me comfortable enough to happily receive the hardest, longest spanking I have ever had. It was exactly what I needed! Thank you! Thanks too for introducing me to your paddle, strap, and my favorite, the wooden hairbrush. I am already wondering what lies in store for me next time. I am–or my ass is–grateful to be a canvas for your art.” – R

“I have seen Miss Gin twice and will certainly be going back. My first impressions on meeting her was that Miss Gin is charming, calm and polite. Although Miss Gin exudes a quiet sense of authority and control, she is easy to talk to, which is important, you want to be honest when sharing your inner desires about spanking with the person who is about to carry it out. The spankings were the most wonderful and intense of my life. I don’t know how to describe it other than to say that for me there was initially gap between the spanking I “wanted” and what I “needed”, which Miss Gin somehow realized, explored and exploited. My favorite was when there came a point when I thought I couldn’t bear it any more, but she just spanked harder, taking me beyond my imagined threshold. When I reached my real threshold, Miss Gin instinctively knew, and backed down – I was on the edge of trust and fear – she gave me a little break, but not for long, just barely long enough, and then Miss Gin picked it up again, varying the pace and intensity so it was hard to anticipate. How does she do this?  How does she know? I don’t know, I just appreciate. If you’ve not experienced this, the best I can say is that It was like riding a big roller-coaster nearing the top; you feel it intensely, it is real in the moment and there is no turning back. Not nearly good enough, but you get the idea. I was able to watch her disciplining me a few times, which I enjoyed very much. I am looking forward to my next appointment.” – MN

“Thank you, miss Gin! Thank you for seeing a spanking virgin. Thank you for making me feel safe and welcome. Thank you for giving me what I needed. Thank you for pushing me a bit further than I thought I could go. Thank you for your positive attitude. Thank you for being strict with me. Thank you for your discretion. Thank you for giving me a long and very hard spanking. In short: thank you for giving me one of the best experiences of my life. I will definitely be back!” – Mr. K

“I would like to say a few words about my close encounter with Miss Gin. She is a lovely woman who is genuinely caring and thoughtful. I am over twice her age, and have learned to read people very well, this little lady is the real deal. I was blown away how demure and low keyed she was, her soft sweet voice will lull you into a very comforting place, and then, in the twinkling of an eye, she can take charge of the situation, and will control you while she administers a spanking that will not only thrill you, but make you squirm, and try to pull away, her small demure frame, do not match her strengths or her attitude! Her use of the cane, and paddles, and really all her toys are masterful. She is strict in making you hold position, but you can feel her sincere caring about what she us doing, It was a refreshing experience to be with her. She truly is a Princess, and she showed me a very compassionate, caring side. She truly is a treasure to those who get to meet her, I can’t wait to be blessed,and have the opportunity to see her again!” – C

“Gin came across as very sweet and relaxed. She put me totally at ease, then gave me the hardest spankings I have ever received. She pushed me to my limits and left me sore for days – and I look forward to the chance to meet with her again.” – Mr. D

“I was reluctant to try spanking at the beginning. Ms Gin calm and professional demeanor convinced me to follow through. She introduced me to the world of spanking. And every session since had been an experience of a lifetime. The exhilaration, the intensity, the emotional release during and after each session was unique. It was akin to being led to find oasis or refuge in the middle of a desert. Ms Gin with her superb spanking skills coupled with intelligently crafted words, can make you nervous in anticipation at the beginning, feel at ease in the middle of an intense spanking or peace in your heart and mind during a mild one. Each to its merit. Ms Gin is sensitive to your psychological need and will tailor the session for you accordingly. She is sincerely kind and helpful. She provides a safe environment for you to voice your concerns, and respect your boundaries. She also observes your delicate changes in your breathing patterns to both gauge your level of comfort and help you achieve the goals you set for the session. It will be an experience that engage both your mind and soul, in a way that will never be possible otherwise. And It will certainly be an one you would like to repeat in time. It is a was huge pleasure to be disciplined by such a kind, loving, and intelligent lady.” – R

“Gin is a true disciplinarian professional, always in control and carefully takes the time to ensure our sessions are unforgettable. She’s a wonderful communicator and I am extremely comfortable in her presence. Quite simply, Gin is amazing!” – T 

“Clearly spanking is much more for you than an occupation. Like my own predilection, it is both a calling and your passion. The spankings, both by hand and with implements, were thorough and interspersed with TLC applied to my spanked bottom. Coming from an attractive and intelligent young woman, it provided my most memorable spanking encounter yet. Our two sessions were for me more than a pleasure, they were a catharsis of sorts. Your fantastic disposition, your patience and your indefatigable hand made these unforgettable encounters.” – D

“Gin is very attuned to the needs of those of us with spanking desires.  She is the real thing because she lives it. She has a lot of energy and knows how to deliver in a safe and professional manner.  I know that when I pay her a visit that my backside will be red and sore for the trip home and I will feel the glow for days after.” – K

“Meeting Gin was the first time for me to meet a professional disciplinarian, so I was a bit nervous. However Gin made me feel very comfortable very quickly. She is sweet, pretty and looks innocent enough, but boy was I in for a surprise when she got down to business. Her hand alone is like a paddle and her endurance to be feared, so just the warm up felt like a pretty real spanking already. After taking me over her knee, she had me bend over and did not hold back. Every inch of my bottom was spanked and spanked hard. After a brief pause in the corner there was a repeat that made sure I was not going be sitting comfortably for a while. Gin was awesome throughout and it was definitely an experience I would want to repeat.” – A

“One of the best experiences of my entire life. Gin is sensual, yet strict in the art of spanking.  She takes great pride in what she does and is quite good at it. Her hand is firm, never tires and is in rhythm at all times. Gin has always communicated with me in a professional and pleasant manner in order to get the most out of our time together.” – E

“You know a spanking mentor is worth her salt when you get home and not only do you do everything she says, you also stay focused for the whole night and keep yourself focused by sitting in a hard wooden chair sans cushion for 3.5 hours to make sure you keep to your work tasks. I can barely express in words how phenomenal Gin is. This being my first ever proper session, I was shaking with nerves and she reassured me every step of the way throwing in enough sternness and many spanks with a handful of implements that were wielded with never flagging energy. What struck me the most was her soothing and tender loving touch of constantly assessing whether my bottom was able to withstand more. This moved me greatly since she assured me I was safe and indeed I was constantly safe. She masterfully balanced this with what I needed in this session. She made this an incredible first true disciplinary session for me and I thank her from the bottom of my heart and for my very tingly well chastised bottom too. If any of you are seeking a behavior modification spanking, look no further. I recommend her wholeheartedly since never in my life have I been so focused and productive from one session alone. Incidentally, some of those implements I fear so much that I will do my very best to avoid a much sterner and longer session with them. I will most definitely book more sessions with this spanking maestro. Thank you sooooooo much, Gin. This is what I have needed all my wayward life.” – J

“I am a mature gentleman and have been involved in the BDSM world, in my private life and with professional dominatrixes, since I became an adult.  In addition to private play, I have done a significant number of BDSM sessions with pro dommes in various cities, including many of the stars of the profession. But I was never fully satisfied with BDSM play – it became boring, repetitive and ritualistic. It did not feel genuine. The sexual element did not feel right. Then, a few years ago, I came across Miss Gin’s website. I was immediately taken with her direct, no-nonsense writing style and her promise of a no-frills discipline session. This was a woman who knew exactly what she wanted – to spank, with none of the trappings of BDSM and without any of the sexual content that is often associated with professional BDSM sessions. I knew that I had to see her and immediately made an appointment to meet for a spanking session. Since receiving my first spanking from Miss Gin I have been back to see her multiple times and have even introduced her to my wife, who has participated in a few of our sessions. Miss Gin and my wife have developed a mutual respect and my wife feels no threat at all from Miss Gin. I have given up BDSM play entirely and have made a point to expand my spanking experiences with professional disciplinarians from Seattle to Los Angeles to New York to London and the Netherlands. There are many great disciplinarians out there, but so far none have come close to duplicating the delightful experiences I have had with Miss Gin. My regular sessions with her have become an important part of my life. When I arrive at Miss Gin’s for a spanking, I never know exactly what I will get. Sometimes my wife will have communicated some misbehavior on my part to Miss Gin and she will greet me sternly, have me undress and set about spanking me thoroughly and harshly with no warmup and with a variety of cruel implements, from straps to canes to paddles to the dreaded hairbrush and wooden spoon. There is no playfulness in these sessions – Miss Gin knows that I need to be punished and she administers the punishment exactly as required, including corner time to allow me to reflect on my misdeeds and wallow in my humiliation. I fear these spankings, but I also crave them. Other times, when I have been on (relatively) good behavior, Miss Gin will be genial and personable when I arrive at her studio – and she has a delightful personality. On those occasions, the spanking will begin with a thorough hand spanking on my bare bottom while I am draped over Miss Gin’s knee to warm me up and then will proceed to harsher punishments, but always within the range of what I can tolerate. Again, Miss Gin will use corner time judiciously to allow my bottom to recover and to give me a chance to reflect on my need for correction. One thing that I have learned is that I have no control over the spanking sessions with Miss Gin. She has a firm idea in mind as to how the session is going to proceed and it is no use at all – even counterproductive – for me to try to direct the session in any way. All I can do is to go with the flow and give in entirely to Miss Gin’s will, which for me is one of the great beauties of the sessions – my complete surrender to Miss Gin. One of the aspects of the spanking sessions with Miss Gin that I appreciate most is that there is none of the time-wasting, downtime and even silliness that I associate with BDSM sessions – no groveling at the Mistress’ feet, no boot kissing, no body worship, no complicated bondage, no fumbling with electrical equipment, no gags, masks, collars, cuffs or bits of hardware attached to various body parts. With Miss Gin it is all business – a full hour or more of pain, humiliation, submission and psychic release with no breaks other than the occasional few minutes of reflection while standing in the corner, which is exactly what I need. On the other hand, when the spanking is finished, Miss Gin is very generous with her time and company, allowing for a full decompression from the intensity of the spanking. I knew the first time that Miss Gin spanked me that she was something special. Now, having received multiple spankings from her and having experienced spankings by a number of her peers, I have no doubt that she is simply the best at what she does. When I leave her studio after a spanking session, the sun is brighter, colors are sharper, music is livelier and my attitude towards those around me and life in general is much more positive. I consider myself truly fortunate to have found Miss Gin and to have had the opportunity to benefit from her skill, experience and intelligence. My life is much better for it. If you are interested in being spanked properly, I strongly suggest that you see Miss Gin.” – DA

Thank you everyone! More to come…