Interviews: Another Shot of Gin & Naturally Intoxicating


Are you a dominatrix?

No, I am not. I do not want you to ‘serve’ me. I do not and will not participate in any leather fetish or BDSM sessions. I offer strict spanking sessions only.

What should I call you?

I prefer to be called either Miss or Gin. Please, do not call me Mistress.

When did your interest in spanking begin?

My fascination with spanking began after seeing an illustration in a children’s book that involved the spanking of two young men. I was seven years old at the time and have been obsessed ever since.

Can you spank me without leaving any marks or bruises?

Of course! In that case you will simply walk away with your bottom being a nice shade of red.

Do you use safewords?

If you feel the need to have a safeword then this can be discussed prior to your session.

How do I book an appointment?

Find out here: Contact

Do you ever ‘switch’?

Yes. I understand what makes a good spanking from my own experiences as being a bottom and with that I am able to be a more accomplished top. I also believe it is very important to know what every implement I use feels like!

Do you provide sexual services?

There is NO sexual activity of any kind. So please do NOT ask for such services. I am ONLY interested in spanking. Do NOT ask if you can come at any time during a spanking session. When I say NO sexual activity of any kind, I really do mean it.

To see what services I do offer, please go here: Services