Email –

Please send a courteous and honest message about the kind of discipline you are seeking.

  • Be polite, respectful, mature and well mannered at all times.

  • One-line emails are unacceptable and rude.

  • Please do NOT waste my time by asking me to email you detailed scenarios on how I will discipline you.

  • Once again, there will be NO sexual activity of any kind before, during or after a spanking session. Do NOT ask, I will NOT change my mind. If you are looking to give yourself a “release” or expect to be given a “happy ending” then go look elsewhere.

Remember, it is very important for you to make a good first impression or you will not be considered!

Smiles and Spanks, Gin

P.S. If you are unable to see me in San Francisco but still need a good spanking then I would suggest visiting one (or all!) of these lovely women. Because every spanko deserves to have a warm bottom!